Green Shokki - The name itself describes the nature of business GREEN SHOKKI (Tableware in Japanese) — hence the meaning of the Green Shokki is green tableware, Tableware made of materials which helps preserve the environment

  • Green Shokki is a trading firm with trades in biodegradable tableware from around the world
  • Helping the food industries by providing them biodegradable packaging solutions
  • The business idea is to eliminate single use plastic completely
  • The products we provide are 100% natural and biodegradable, microwave and oven friendly.

Mr. Parth Velani

Mr. Parth Velani — BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree holder from University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, United Kingdom. Has been associated with companies like DenEB consultancy, Madsmania Pvt. Ltd and KUPA Enterprise. His vision is to grow using technological advancement in the field of Infrastructure and Manufacturing with the help of advancement in green technology to sustain wellbeing of the nature.

His educational background is what he takes his advantage from to support his vision and is an enthusiastic person when it comes to the activities and opportunities that comes on his way that supports his goals and vision.

Mr. Adnan Raikar

Mr. Adnan Raikar is an organized Mechanical Engineer graduate from Mumbai University, India. His mission is to provide sustainable environmental solutions that are consistent with the longterm interests of the natural environment. He has been associated with companies like DenEB Solutions, RA Casting works and Kupa Enterprises Pvt Ltd. His passion and great leadership quality helps Green Shokki to achieve its mission and make a world a better place.

Mr. Meet Kataria

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Office No. B-2,
P. Hegde Marg,
Old Agra Road,
Opp. Holy Cross Convent School,
K-Villa, Thane (W) 400601.

+91 22 25479987


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